Friday, 28 March 2014

Update to 'Why I Wrote...' tab (see above)

Why I wrote 'Execution' - the 5th in the Harry Tate spy thriller series.

"Fans of Joseph Finder, David Ingatius, Lee Child & Gregg Hurwitz should start reading Magson right now!" Starred BOOKLIST Review

Available in hardback - (order a signed copy from Goldsboro Books) - and ebook formats.


Monday, 24 March 2014

Latest review of 'The Watchman'

'The Watchman' has another upcoming review, this one by Publishers Weekly.

"(Marc Portman) makes for a convincingly formidable one man army and Magson handles the action scenes with panache..."

'The Watchman' - Available now in hardback** - out in ebook on May 1st.

** Signed copies available by mail via Goldsboro Books in London.

His name is Portman. A professional shadow, a watcher who provides protection in hostile situations, he works in the background, stays off the record. Often the people he's guarding have no idea he's there.
When two British intelligence agents are despatched to negotiate the release of western hostages in Somalia, veteran MI6 operator Tom Vane realizes that something about this operation doesn't stack up. He covertly hires deep cover specialist Marc Portman to protect them.
Hiding in the wild, lawless land on the Kenyan/Somali border, Portman soon realizes that the British Intelligence Services have been double-crossed. Can he survive long enough to keep his charges alive and prevent a catastrophe?


Thursday, 20 March 2014

'Death at the Clos du Lac' in paperback.

'Death at the Clos du Lac' (Rocco No 4) - will be released in paperback on 24th April (but not until July in the US).

If hardbacks aren't your thing, and ebooks don't attract, this will be your best bet to get the fourth Inspector Lucas Rocco on your shelf.

UK -

US -

Aus -

Can -

'Death at the Clos du Lac'

Some review comments about the Lucas Rocco series:

"... a pure joy... deserves to be ranked with the best."
(Daily Mail)

"France's answer to Jack Reacher!"
Crime Squad -

"...the series is getting better and better."

"Adrian Magson is a classic crime star in the making."
( Daily Mail - )

"Clever and complex, this taut and chilling new novel from Adrian Magson is a spine-tingling treat." ('Death on the Rive Nord')


Monday, 17 March 2014

New review - 'The Watchman'

As always, a delight to read another positive (*starred) review of my latest book - 'The Watchman' - which is the first in a new series featuring protection specialist, Marc Portman.

Read it here in the Booklist Online Review.

What can I say? "The term thriller hardly does justice to this taut page-turner that's packed with action, adventure, danger, ingenuity.... "

I certainly couldn't say it myself, or anything like it; so thank you so much for those - and other - kind words, Emily Melton.

You have made my day.

Available now in hardback (in the UK) and elsewhere on 1st May (also coming out then as an ebook).

But why wait? You can get a signed copy NOW via Goldsboro Books in London. They'll even ship it to you. Go on, treat yourself.


'THE WATCHMAN' - 'Thrilling read' - 'hard to put down' - 'a great action hero'
The Crime Scene -

"...contains some of the most explosive opening chapters I have read in a long time. Give this man a Bond film script to play with!"
Crime Fiction Lover -

"This very gripping and hard to put down thriller... Strongly recommended."
Eurocrime Reviews -


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Update to 'Why I Wrote...' tab (see above)

 Why I wrote 'Death at the Clos du Lac' (Inspector Lucas Rocco No 4)


Monday, 10 March 2014

'Watchman' reviewed

Terry Halligan, reviewing for the Eurocrime website, has some lovely comments to make about 'The Watchman' here.

"Very gripping and hard to put down thriller" is very nice. But the words "When you open one of his books, you know you can count on a really interesting plot, that has been thoroughly researched and that there is a real sense of action..." is something else entirely.

Thank you, Mr Halligan and Eurocrime.

 One delighted author.

'The Watchman' - the first in the Marc Portman series - signed copies available via Goldsboro Books in London (they ship anywhere).

Friday, 7 March 2014

Nobody move!

Apart from writing spy thrillers and crime novels, I write a regular column called 'Beginners' in the UK's monthly Writing Magazine (now also online). In it I give lots of advice and tips about the nuts and bolts of actually being a writer; not the technical aspects such as punctuation or syntax or grammar, because I figure most writers have at least a handle on that - or should take the trouble to find out.

It's like being a plumber; you should at least know the basics to even make a start.

My focus in the column (and subsequent book - see below) is the how to get on and do it. Because that's where a lot of would-be writers fall down. They spend too much time thinking about it, talking about it... but never actually getting stuck in and writing anything.

The simplest lesson of all, with any endeavour, is if you don't try, you won't find out whether you're any good at it or whether you enjoy it and want to do more of it.

A bit like sex, really... only the advances are a little different.

Oddly, I've just discovered something I haven't yet covered - and probably won't, at least, not in the column (and I'm not talking about sex).

That's moving house.

Don't do it, is my advice, if you're in the middle of writing a book. It's a killer. Put it off until you're done - the urgency might just inspire you to get your finger out and go for burn.

They say it's the most stressful event we can bring upon ourselves. Yay and no shit, Sherlock. Torquemada could have saved himself a lot of trouble back in the 15th century if he'd made all his victims move house a couple of times; they'd have been throwing themselves off the castle walls in no time.

During the past few weeks, I've experienced more down-time in my writing, more blank moments, more lassitude and more reasons not to start something than ever before. I was just over halfway through my latest project prior to the actual move, and on the home straight, writing-wise. The storyline was in good shape, the characters were doing what I wanted (well, mostly), and I knew where I was headed.

Then came the move... and it all went pear-shaped. And it rained a lot. I wasn't suffering writer's block, because I don't let that beast in the door. But I was thinking pack, move and unpack, and everything would be fine. (Well, it's been 25 years since I last moved, so you could say I was a little out of practice).


However, the sun has showed its beaming face a few times, the birds are singing and the frogs in the pond are doing what frogs do at this time of year - noisily and with lots of splashing. Loads of them.

And yes, that's frogspawn in the water, not tapioca. If the eggs all survive we'll be beating them off with a big stick.

And with this, I'm back on track and writing. Thank you, Mother Nature.

Incidentally, not long ago, 'Beginners' as a column morphed into a book - 'Write On! - The Writer's Help Book'.  I did this because I wanted the columns to be available to a wider audience, and not just those who read or have access to Writing Magazine.

So, with the weekend coming up, if you need any tips or guidance, this title is currently available on Kindle at an absolute steal of a price here at £1.97 or here at $3.27.
Go on - treat yourself.