Saturday, 31 August 2013


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Get Rocco...

A reminder that 'Death on the Pont Noir' (Rocco 3) is available in the Kindle Big Summer Reading Promotion here (UK) and here (US) at an amazing steal price of £0.99 or $1.55 - but only until September 5.

After that it's back to full price. So why not get it now while you can? This could be the only chance you'll have of buying a French cop at this price.

Also, 'Death at the Clos du Lac', the latest in the series, is out now in hardback and ebook.

Signed h/b copies are available from Goldsboro Books in London

Picardie, France 1964. The exclusive Clos du Lac sanitarium. A man is discovered standing in the therapy pool. But he's not there for his health; someone has chained him to the bottom and left him to die very, very slowly.

Inspector Lucas Rocco believes it's an unusual and elaborate method of execution. But nobody seems to have heard or seen anything. The staff are resolutely unhelpful - or dead - and ministry officials sent from Paris to 'assist' attempt to impede Rocco's efforts to find answers.

It is soon clear the Clos du Lac is no ordinary sanitarium, and holds secrets that the authorities feel are better left hidden. And a high-level kidnapping mounted in an attempt to derail France's new trade agreements with China means Rocco now faces threats from more than one quarter... one of them a rogue government assassin.

Inspector Lucas Rocco. A French cop with attitude.


Saturday, 24 August 2013


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And tomorrow, Sunday 25th, I will be at the Bookmarks Literary Festival in Helmdon, Northants, alongside fellow authors Alison McQueen and Garry O'Connor, talking about our writing, our books and other related subjects.

This is a free event with all proceeds going to the charity Hand in Hand for Syria, and if ever a place deserved some help, that is one. So please do pop by and show your support.


Thursday, 22 August 2013


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Monday, 19 August 2013

Book review - 'Screwed' by Eoin Colfer

I should be promoting my own books really, but every now and then a book comes along and you just have to give it a shout. (Not that Mr Colfer needs any help from me... )

Anyway, go to the inestimable Shots Magazine review page here and you'll see what I'm talking about.

'Screwed'. Great title, too.

PS: this is for adults, by the way.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

I love radio

It’s always a huge pleasure to be interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton’s John Griff. He’s enthusiastic and interested and actually lets you answer his questions – and he has a great sense of fun – which all goes to make a grilling from him something worth shouting about.

And that’s what I was doing on Friday afternoon just after 3pm, gagging on about Harry Tate, Lucas Rocco and others to come - and about the Bookmarks Literary Festival, which I’m in next Sunday, 25th August, in case you're in the area.

So, go here and have a listen – the link is operable for another 6 days. (And if you’re short of time, push the slider at the bottom of the screen to 1:14.50 or thereabouts, and you’ll hear John making the introduction. But there are other interesting interviewees as well, so don't let me steal their thunder).

 Thank you, John. Most enjoyable.


Monday, 12 August 2013

A good news day.

In February last year, during a meeting with my agent, David Headley and publishers Severn House, I was asked if I could write an alternative to my Harry Tate thrillers.

As actors do at auditions when asked if they can ride a horse, I said, ‘Of course,’ and worried about falling off later. What the heck, I like a challenge, and the idea of trying out something new is always intriguing.

So a few months later, when I’d cleared the then current projects, I set to work. One dark and stormy-

It was a great relief when my beta reader (my wife, Ann) gave my latest manuscript the thumbs-up. It meant I was on the right track and hadn't taken leave of my senses in a flush of writerly madness.

It was even better when David Headley subsequently endorsed that view; he’s a professional and I rely on his take for the first industry opinion. He’s also an experienced bookseller and knows what will appeal ‘on the shelf’.

Then there was the response we were all waiting for: that of the publisher.

And today I was delighted to receive a glowing acceptance from Kate Lyall Grant of Severn House Publishers to my latest spy thriller, The Watchman’, couched in such terms I’m still blushing behind my kneecaps.

This book is darker in tone and content than the Harry Tate books, and faster-paced - something I'd been wanting to try for a while. It’s also written in the 1st and 3rd person. And the main character, Portman – a covert bodyguard for spies on dangerous missions in hostile territory (so covert even they don’t know he’s there), is enigmatic, mysterious… and entirely ruthless when called for.

I had a lot of fun writing this book. I hope it shows.

‘The Watchman’ – due for publication February 2014.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

'Execution' - ebook worldwide and H/B in US

I'm pleased to remind readers that 'Execution' - the 5th in the Harry Tate series, will be out as an ebook on the 1st September, here (UK), here (US), here (Can), along with everywhere else ebooks and hardbacks can be found.


When a Russian hit team catches up with Roman Tobinskiy, political opponent of Moscow and former FSB colleague of Alexander Litvinenko (murdered by polonium poisoning in 2006), it's an easy kill; he's lying helpless in a hospital bed.

Too late they realise that in an adjacent room is Clare Jardine, ex-MI6 officer, recovering from wounds while saving Harry Tate's life.

When Clare goes on the run, Harry is ordered to track her down before the Russians reach her. It's one of his toughest challenges yet. For not only is Clare as adept at covering her tracks as Harry is himself, but the Russians are not the only ones chasing her. Harry is about to come up against an old enemy from his past.

And if he is to save Clare's life - as she saved his - he must seek help from a most unlikely source.

'Execution' - signed hardback copies available from Goldsboro Books, London.

Get yourself a taste of Tate.